The Spring Season Means Servicing Your Volvo at Weaver Brothers Volvo Cars

The weather is getting warmer and, when you look around, its clear that spring is here. It has been a long winter season, and, with that reality, it means its time to get some routine maintenance done for your Volvo. Getting regular maintenance on your Volvo goes a long way towards ensuring that your car or SUV continues to perform at high levels for long into the future. Weaver Brothers Volvo Cars, located at 4409 Capital Boulevard in Raleigh, NC, is a great place to get this work done.

Lots of Services Offered

Our service center can do any job, no matter how big or small. Our highly-skilled, Volvo certified technicians always use authentic Volvo parts whenever they do the work on your vehicle. They have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and are efficient in their duty. They will get you back on those Apex, NC roads as soon as possible.

With spring here, do you need to rotate out your tires? Do you need an oil change or a coolant flush? Typically, in the spring, Morrisville, NC residents need to check their car battery and make sure that it still has enough power to do the job reliably. Winter is hard on your battery and other components on your vehicle. If you’re not going to change out your tires, you should check your tire inflation and tread to make sure that your tires are still roadworthy. In addition, you should probably check your brakes as well. If you have heard any squeaking or grinding noised when you press down your break pedal, you should probably get them checked out.

With spring coming, you’ll probably need to get your Volvo ready for the coming summer weather. Cary, NC residents know we can expect some rainy days ahead. Weaver Brothers Volvo Cars can replace your windshield wipers when we look at your vehicle, so you don’t get caught in the wet weather unable to see. Lastly, our service center can check your air conditioning to make sure that it works properly so you don’t get stuck in the hot weather without it.

Let Us Help You Save Money

Our service center has many tire specials that can save you money for your tire needs this spring. Give us a call, or come into Weaver Brothers Volvo Cars, in Raleigh, NC, so we can make you a service customer for life.

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