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In order to keep your beautiful Volvo vehicle running in tip-top shape, it is imperative that you schedule a brake check regularly as part of your maintenance intervals. Making sure you get a brake check service is just as important as oil changes and battery replacements. Luckily, our auto repair service center in Raleigh is here to help. Our factory-trained technicians will check brake pads, check your pedals, check rotors, check cylinders, and every other component of your braking system. Read on to learn more about brake service and what we offer at our service center near Wake Forest.

How To Know if It's Time to Check Your Brakes

Your owner's manual should tell you how often to get a brake check. If it doesn't, our service specialists will be happy to help you figure out the best service interval for your braking system. But how do you know if you need a brake service? Here are some signs to look out for:

  • You hear metallic grinding sounds when braking
  • You hear screeching or squeaking noises when braking
  • You have less than a quarter of an inch of brake pad left (you can check this by looking through your tire spokes)
  • An indicator light regarding your brakes or brake pads comes on (check your owner's manual to see what warning lights mean)

If you experience any of these issues, it's time to schedule a service in Raleigh, NC. When you visit us, our expert technicians will check your entire braking system and let you know if you need a brake pad replacement or any other parts replaced. If you do need new parts, our brake shop is fully stocked with Volvo-certified equipment that will fit your model perfectly.

Why You Should Do Your Brake Check at Weaver Brothers Volvo

We cannot stress enough how important it is that you get your Volvo vehicle serviced by mechanics who know Volvo cars and SUVs inside and out. If you trust your car to a random quick-repair shop, you could get stuck with aftermarket parts that don't fit properly or improperly installed equipment altogether.

Plus, if you replace any parts with non-Volvo-Certified equipment, you run the risk of ruining your Volvo vehicle warranty. In the unfortunate case that you get in an accident or the part fails, Volvo Cars will not pay for the service if you didn't get your car serviced at a Volvo dealership. So, you may think you are saving money at a quick-repair shop, but it isn't worth the risk. If you get your brake check and service at Weaver Brothers Volvo Cars and something goes wrong, your warranty will remain intact, and you won't be responsible for repairs.

So when it comes to "Why Service at Weaver?" there are actually many reasons why you can and should trust us!

FAQs About Brake Checks & Service

How much does a brake check cost?

The average cost for a brake check alone is about $40 for a routine inspection. If you need any parts in your braking system replaced, that will be an additional charge. The good news is, our brake shop in Raleigh, NC, often offers parts coupons to help pay for things like service and replacements.

What is included in a brake inspection?

The entire braking system will be checked during a brake inspection. There are hundreds of tiny elements that work together in your braking system. These include the brake pedal, fluid, brake lines, hoses, discs, drums, calipers, pads, and much more. Our technicians will check for any weird noises and broken parts, and test how long it takes for your brakes to get your car to a complete stop. From there, we can let you know if anything needs to be repaired.

How long does a brake service take?

A brake check should only take about 30 minutes. If parts need to be replaced, it will take about an hour. Our technicians work efficiently and quickly. They will also be sure to give you an estimated time of when to expect your vehicle to be ready. Until then, you can lounge in our beautiful facility.

How long should brakes last?

The average brake life is between 25,000 and 50,000 miles. Yours may last for shorter or longer depending on your driving habits and the weather conditions. If you see or hear any of the signs we mentioned above, you should see us regardless of your mileage. The best thing to do is set up a service interval with one of our specialists based on your driving tendencies and specific model.

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