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If you are looking for an oil change service in Raleigh for your Volvo vehicle, schedule your car's next oil change at our service department. Our team is here to handle all of your vehicle's factory-scheduled maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations, as well as anything else that might come up during your Volvo lease special.

When you book your Volvo oil change service at our oil change shop, our team will use OEM Volvo auto parts and factory-approved components when installing a new oil filter.

Oil Change Coupons in Raleigh

Be sure to take advantage of our money-saving oil change coupons when you book your car's oil change service in Raleigh. If an oil change cost has you delaying required maintenance on your vehicle, don't miss our selection of auto repair specials and coupons on auto parts.

Along with our synthetic oil change coupons, you'll also find discounts on other common repairs like tire rotations and brake service in Raleigh. If your car is due for a quick tire rotation, it's a great time to schedule a brake-pad replacement because the wheels will be off the car.

Engine Oil Near Me

Unless you drive one of our exciting new electric cars for sale, oil changes are essential. If you have any questions about how long you should drive between oil changes or the differences between synthetic vs. conventional oil, contact our team.

We can answer your questions and schedule an oil change service in Raleigh or one of our quick tire rotations in Raleigh if your vehicle is due.

Synthetic Oil Vs. Conventional Motor Oil

What's the difference? Many of our customers want to know the answer to that question when they book their oil change service in Raleigh at our auto shop. The majority of new gasoline-powered cars manufactured today rely on synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil is designed to last longer and handle higher engine temperatures. Another advantage of synthetic oil is it doesn't need to be warmed up, so you can fire up your Volvo SUV and enjoy the performance she offers without hesitation.

If you are driving an older Volvo vehicle, like the popular Volvo S90 sedan, you might be running conventional oil in your car, which means you need to schedule your car's oil change more frequently.

Drivers of the pure electric Volvo XC90 SUV or any of our fully electric cars and SUVs for sale don't have to worry about changing the oil in their cars because there isn't any. If you're ready to make the switch to electric and stop having to worry about booking oil changes, talk to our sales team about current offers on new Volvo EVs for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of oil does a Volvo car take?

Most gasoline-powered Volvo vehicles run on a 5W-30 synthetic oil, but you should always confirm the correct type of oil for your vehicle first. The oil cap will often list the recommended oil type on it. Otherwise, consult your car's owner's manual or call our service department for assistance.

Who makes Volvo engine oil?

The majority of new Volvo engines run with Castrol synthetic motor oil to provide a smooth-running engine, enhanced performance, and fuel economy. New pure electric Volvo vehicles, however, do not run on Castrol motor oil because they are electric and do not require any motor oil.

How much oil does a Volvo XC90 take?

The engine in the new Volvo XC90 SUV holds 5.9 quarts of synthetic oil, including the oil in the filter. When measuring the oil level with the dipstick or adding new Castrol synthetic oil to your car's engine, be sure to park on a level surface to ensure an accurate reading.

Why Choose Weaver Brothers Volvo Cars in Raleigh

When you schedule a Volvo battery replacement in Raleigh, tire-pressure-warning-light reset appointment, or any other service inspection, our team will provide professional service from the time you drive on the lot to when you leave with a fully serviced vehicle.

If you are bringing in your vehicle for an oil change service in Raleigh, you're welcome to wait in our comfortable customer lounge and take advantage of our complimentary amenities, such as bottled water, coffee, and Wi-Fi.

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