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Finding extra space for all your adventures is easy with a Volvo roof box. These cargo solutions provide extra cargo room for your vehicle, but they offer much more than just expanded cargo space. You'll enjoy a sleek design and premium construction that are as attractive as your Volvo vehicle. Better yet, these roof boxes offer a secure fit, as well as a focus on maintaining your vehicle's exceptional fuel efficiency and luxurious style.

Much like your Volvo vehicle, our roof box options offer you the best in both practicality and luxury. At Weaver Brothers Volvo Cars, we aim to be your premier Volvo dealer in Raleigh for Volvo accessories and convenient installation. Read on to explore your high-quality roof box options.

Why Choose a Volvo Roof Box?

Each Volvo roof box option provides a perfect fit, no matter which model you drive. You'll find a precision design that enhances the road trip experience, along with many more benefits that include:

Stylish Designs for Your Stylish Volvo Vehicle

A Volvo vehicle is crafted with a focus on sleekness, and subtle yet stylish design elements make her a beautiful sight. When you choose to add a Volvo roof box, her sleek style won't be compromised — it'll be enhanced with premium looks.

Extra Cargo Room

Naturally, the purpose of a roof box is to increase your cargo-carrying capabilities. While carriers for a Volvo roof rack provide storage for gear like bicycles, a roof box can hold a wide variety of cargo. The only limit is the size of the box, and you'll find expansive options that offer up to 17 cubic feet of cargo room.

A Focus on an Efficient and Quiet Ride

The sleek shape of a Volvo roof box does more than just look good — it contributes to the quiet and efficient ride you love. Our roof box options are designed with a focus on aerodynamics. As a result, they keep both wind noise and aerodynamic drag (which can impact efficiency) to a minimum.

Long-Lasting Security

Whether you're looking for a Volvo S60 or Volvo XC60 roof box, your priority is a safe and secure experience on the road. Our roof box options are built with durable, premium materials that will last through all your adventures and provide a worry-free locking storage solution along the way.

Discover Your Perfect Volvo Roof Box

Before you purchase a Volvo roof box, you'll want to explore your options so you can choose the one that's right for you. Our current options include:

Volvo Cars In-House Designed Premium Roof Box

You can count on the talented designers at Volvo Cars to create the perfect roof box for your Volvo vehicle. Whether you opt for a Volvo XC60 or Volvo XC90 roof box, you'll find a cargo capacity of 15 cubic feet and a load capacity of 150-pounds. Premium features include an LED lighting system for easy loading at night, a vacuum-formed ABS build for easy handling, anti-slip coating to prevent your cargo from moving around, and a secure mounting system.

Odin 1750 Roof Box

A premium choice for every lifestyle, the Odin roof box comes with several unique features and provides a cargo capacity of 17 cubic feet. Some of these features include an Aero Skin lid to maintain efficiency and reduce wind noise and a Secure Lock feature that helps prevent locking accidents.

Sport Time 2003 Roof Box

Your choice for exceptional value, the Sport Time Volvo roof cargo box is ready to enhance every adventure. This option provides 14 cubic feet of cargo capacity and a maximum load of 110-pounds. It blends into your vehicle's design using a recessed base, provides secure mounting with a grip claw system, and has a Dual Force spring system for convenient opening and closing at all times.

Order a Volvo Roof Box in Raleigh

From a Volvo S90 to a Volvo XC40 roof box, our dealership has a roof box that's perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle. Order yours today and visit us to get everything set up.

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