Hi! It's me - the road. I've noticed you haven't been enjoying your drive as much as you used to in Raleigh. Fortunately, I get to see a lot of vehicles in my line of work, and I'm glad to see that you're checking out the used Volvo S60 for sale at Weaver Brothers Volvo Cars. The Volvo S60 has won tons of awards over the years, and most recently, Car&Driver tips its hat to the Volvo S60 as the "perfect blend of luxury and performance." Please explore Weaver Brothers' current used Volvo S60 inventory, model description, or a certified pre-owned Volvo for sale at the premier Volvo Cars retailer in North Carolina.

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Two Decades of Volvo S60, Two Decades of Refinement

Earning so many awards and accolades by industry experts is no easy feat. Neither is hitting that sweet spot between elegant luxury and sporty performance. Case in point: The Volvo S60 debuted in the 2000 model year. Each following year saw a healthy dose of refinement, performance boosts, and new luxury tricks added in. So which year of used Volvo S60 should you choose? There's no correct answer, and it all comes down to your unique desires as a driver.

Some years saw more significant changes than others, and some saw unique goodies join the fun. Any will satisfy, and exploring them in person will give you the most comprehensive taste of what's offered. When you hit the road and head on over to our lot in Raleigh, NC, some of the by-year differences you'll find involve:

Used Volvo S60 by Year

2016 Volvo S60 for Sale

The 2016 Volvo S60 for sale carried on the 2013 facelift with sleeker style. New wheel choices debuted this year, and standard walnut inlays, along with trims like the S60 Inscription, joined the party. The T6 Drive-E R-Design also debuted with a massive 302-horsepower kick, and the S60 Polestar continued on from 2014 with an immense amount of performance tuning packed inside. A 2016 Volvo S60 for sale is the ultimate blend of competitive price with competitive luxury and performance.

2018 Volvo S60 for Sale

Belonging to the final year of the second generation, the 2018 Volvo S60 was a beautiful send-off. This was also the last year for the S60 Polestar as a distinct model, but she ended her run with an upgraded engine making a whopping 362 horsepower. On "normal" (if you could call her that) S60 models, an available heated steering wheel and heated front seats joined together as one optional package as well.

2019 Volvo S60 for Sale

The introduction for the third and current generation, the 2019 Volvo S60, saw changes across the board. First up is her looks, and oh boy, they are stylish. They're also comprehensively overhauled and sleeker than anyone could have possibly imagined. Even more attractive, she began to be built in Ridgeville, South Carolina, this year, giving you a Scandinavian-designed, American-made work of art.

Performance-wise, three powertrains arrived with this generation. The first is the T5, with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine making 250 horsepower. T6 is the second, and it offers a supercharger along with a turbocharger on that four-cylinder to make a serious 316 horsepower, with standard all-wheel drive (AWD) to boot. In S60 Recharge form, the T8 powertrain combined that turbo and supercharged four-cylinder with an electric motor to lay down an immense 415 horsepower, with standard AWD and impressive efficiency as well.

Polestar still worked their magic, and the Polestar Engineered trim debuted with the T8 powertrain for some eco-friendly thrills. Features saw a similar overhaul, and bits like a 12.3-inch digital driver display, available adaptive cruise control, and much, much more could now be found inside every 2019 Volvo S60 for sale. They still can be found in new S60 models, and she continued to evolve from here with a similar mission.

Take on Raleigh Like It's a Daily Rally

Did you know that European police agencies use the Volvo S60 as the platform vehicle for their highway cruisers and patrol vehicles? The Volvo S60 has been perfecting her craft for nearly 20 years, and the latest suite of driver safety and convenience is found in any well-stocked used Volvo S60 for sale in Weaver Brothers Volvo Cars' inventory. You'll find models like:

  • The Volvo S60 Momentum
  • The Volvo S60 Cross Country
  • The Volvo S60 R-Design (& R-Design Hybrid)
  • The Volvo S60 Inscription (& Inscription Hybrid)
  • The Bespoke Volvo S60 Engineered by Polestar

Keep in mind that most of their inventory is the latest generation, from 2015.5 and onward, but if you're lucky enough to score one from an earlier vintage, be on the lookout for the Volvo S60-R with Haldex AWD, 300HP, Brembo brakes, and a coveted 6-speed manual transmission. Today's most recent generation includes features like remote start, remote climate control, smart device connectivity, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, front and rear collision detection, adaptive cruise, blind-spot monitoring, autonomous braking, and run-off-road protection. These features, known as Volvo Intellisafe, vary slightly from year to year and model to model, so be sure to specify your requirements when discussing with your Volvo vehicle specialist.

All Roads (Hey That's Me) Lead To Power

Whether you're taking on your daily commute, a scenic tour of the Waterfall Byway, or pushing your limits on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I've got a lot of ways for you to still bring some fun back into your driving experience. And so does the Volvo S60. You'll enjoy thrilling, efficient power in any Volvo S60 configuration that you find. Mainly, you'll see the T5, T6, T8 Hybrid, and Polestar models. But what's the difference? The T5 is a 250HP turbocharged 4cyl available in FWD or AWD. The T6 is a 316HP super-turbocharged 4cyl available with standard AWD. The T8 Hybrids offer a combined 400HP driving experience while the electrifying Polestar Engineered model (if you're lucky enough to find one) gives you 415HP, tunable suspension, oversized Brembo brakes, a specialized chassis, and signature trim options.

Certifiably Awesome. Certified by Volvo.

If you're thinking you're going to go with a used Volvo S60 for sale from Weaver Brothers, you might want to consider one that's been Certified By Volvo. The Certified By Volvo program offers incredible benefits and will give you the ultimate peace of mind that will ride shotgun with you on every trip. You'll enjoy benefits like:

  • A 5yr/unlimited mile powertrain warranty (expandable to 10yrs and fully transferable)
  • A complimentary CARFAX history with buy-back guarantee
  • Complimentary 24/7/365 roadside assistance
  • A complimentary 1-year subscription to Volvo On Call
  • $0 deductible repairs with a lifetime guarantee

Only the finest examples qualify the stringent 171+ point inspection, road testing, and reconditioning process. The end result is a Volvo S60 that you will love to hop into every single time. They're all relatively low-mileage vehicles and come from a pool of local lease returns as well as the occasional retired courtesy car or manager demo vehicle. You can count on finding Certified By Volvo vehicles with less than 80K miles from recent years that might include 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and even 2020 in some cases.

Go for 1st Place With the 1st in the State

Weaver Brothers Volvo Cars has been catering to drivers near Wake Forest and beyond for over two generations. As North Carolina's premier Volvo Cars retailer, they've set the standard for how things get done around here. In fact, Weaver Brothers is the test facility for many of the innovative programs that the Volvo brand looks to bring to the US market. Don't you think you deserve the highest level of service with your purchase? If you've decided that a used Volvo S60 for sale isn't what you had in mind, let me recommend a used Volvo XC60 for sale from their pre-owned inventory. The Volvo XC60 is like the sporty Volvo S60 with an off-road lift! No matter which gorgeous Volvo vehicle you choose, you can finally answer the call from me, the road - with voice-command Bluetooth, of course.

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