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Many of us might not pay much mind to our windshield wipers until it rains. If it's been a long time since you changed your wipers, or if you've never changed them, it might be time for wiper blade replacement. Most times, this is something that can be done at home with no maintenance trip necessary. But, if you feel safer leaving it up to the professionals, we always invite you in for auto repair service whenever it's most convenient for you! Are you ready to learn about the subtle art of the wiper blade replacement? Read on!

Why Should I Change My Wiper Blades? Signs To Look for & More

Windshield wipers are really durable pieces of hardware on your car that are made out of metal and either silicone or rubber. The silicone/rubber part is what actually touches your windshields and keeps them clear in the rain, sleet, and snow. At least, that is what they are supposed to do.

If you haven't undertaken a wiper blade replacement in some time, the rubber/silicone material has likely started to degrade. This will usually happen between a span of six to twelve months. Extreme temperatures and other weather conditions can cause degradation to occur quicker than normal. You might notice the obvious if it's time for a wiper blade replacement: the blades aren't keeping your windows clear as efficiently as they used to. Here are some of the more specific things to look out for when determining if you need a wiper blade replacement:

  • Skipping: Do you remember when you'd throw rocks across the lake and see who could skip them across the water the farthest? If your wiper blades are starting to wear down, they'll carry out a similar action across your windshield. You'll hear a deep bump bump bump bump bump every time your wipers make a rotation across your windshield.

  • Smearing: The silicone/rubber on your wipers is supposed to come to a sharp point, making it effective at pushing water up and out of the way of your field of vision. As time goes on, this sharp point will be worn down to a rounded edge, which causes smears of water (and any other dirt or debris that might be on your car) to wreak havoc on your windshield.

  • Streaking: After harsh weather conditions, the silicon/rubber on your wiper blades can begin to crack as a result of hardening. If this has happened, you'll notice streaks across your windshield in the location of where the cracks are.

You might also hear a not-so-faint squeaking sound when running your wipers if they are in need of a replacement. While worn down wiper blades won't cause you to have a flat or stall in the middle of the road, they can be equally as dangerous as other major mechanical issues. If your wiper blades are worn down, and you encounter significant inclement weather, they could completely obstruct your field of view. If you can't see, you can't drive safely.

How To Change Windshield Wipers

Changing your windshield wipers is a relatively simple task. As always, if you feel uneasy doing it or are physically unable to for any reason whatsoever, you can always use our online tool to schedule service in Raleigh, NC, with us at any time.

If you do want to undertake the task, here are the steps you should use:

  1. Lift the wiper arms away from the window.

  2. Remove the old blade by pressing the small tab underneath where the metal and rubber/silicone meet. You can then slide off the blade by pulling it in a downward motion.

  3. Slide the replacement wiper blade onto the arm in a similar motion as you used to take the old blade off.

  4. Push the new blade onto the arm until you hear a click. That tells you that the blade is securely on the arm.

It's that simple! Keep in mind that there are several types of wiper blades that might warrant slight differentiation in each step. However, the general process will always remain the same.


There might be a bit more you want to know about wiper blade replacement. If that's the case, check out our most frequently asked questions, and they'll give you the answers you're looking for.

How do you know what wiper blades to get?

To know what wiper blade to get, you can measure the blade yourself or look in your owner's manual to see what originally came in the vehicle. If you're still unsure or do not have access to your manual, our team here in Raleigh would be glad to take a look for you!

How much does it cost to replace windshield wiper blades?

If you're replacing windshield wiper blades on your own, the blades themselves will usually be between $30 and $50. If you want to leave it to the professionals, there will also be an added labor cost.

Are wiper blades universal?

Nope. Your wiper blades have to be a specific length depending on the size of your windshield. If they're too short, they won't cover enough area. If they're too long, they'll hang over the edge of the windshield, overlap, and not be usable.

Can I use different size wiper blades?

It's always safest to go with the exact size that your vehicle was fitted with during manufacturing. However, you can usually go about one inch over or under what you currently have and still be safe.

How long do windshield wipers last?

We recommend changing windshield wipers every six to twelve months. However, if your car is subjected to extreme weather and temperatures, it may need to be replaced sooner. Always be cognizant of how your windshield wipers are performing.

Wiper Blade Replacement Made Easy

If you're living near Wake Forest, you might wonder why you would need to come to a dealership to get a wiper blade replacement. Why service at Weaver? We make the process easy and convenient for all your service needs, big or small. We offer complimentary pick-up and delivery, a low-touch check-in process, loaner cars, and more. So, if you want to save yourself the time and effort you would use for a wiper blade replacement, we're more than happy to offer our services to you whenever you may need them.

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